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Cow Tax & Vegetarianism (My Old Writings) गौ-कर व शाकाहारिता (मेरे पुराने लेख)
                          Happened to come across a news on a private news-channel about a tax pertaining to cows' welfare, which the channel sarcastically terming as “Cow-tax”. Editor calling it as a regressive step, cheer-leading the band wagon of hooters, self proclaimed social activists and commentators. One must ask these ungrateful folks, why they don't wish to respect and care the creature giving milk, not only to them but their children, even their parents? Is abusing Hinduism “Sanatana Dharma”, so important to them that they would write off each and every thing related with it? Do the innocent creature whom we have been exploiting for thousands of years, does not deserve to find at least a shelter and sense of gratitude from us? Many would take the line of being against such thing just to please muslim community. Is modernity and broad-mindedness all about disrespecting the sense of gratitude? None of them would dare to challenge the ban on slaughtering pigs because then those may get hurt who will blow the person off who said so or who then may not vote as a chunk to them. There grudge and hate against Sanatana Dharma won't be satisfied that way at all! Every human being should not only respect cows but also every animate or inanimate thing in the multiverse. We should always try to give the mother nature more than what we take from it. By being vegetarian, we spread the seeds of plants and don't kill them. We help their propagation simultaneously attaining our nutrition. Our mentality also become pious with remaining vegetarian. Many diseases are prevented this way. Thus we all ought to be vegetarian and respect everything around us. Make such people, who are against cow-welfare understand that being human is not just about survival, eating and mating but to garner great values about life and harness morality to achieve higher goals as a refined being.
Thanks for reading,

Devashish Narayana Mishra
देवाशीष नारायण मिश्र Devashish Narayana Mishra

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