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Free speech in United Kingdom is in GRAVE DANGER! Social Activist Tommy Robinson ARRESTED!! यूनाइटेड किंगडम (ब्रिटेन) में मुक्त संवाद पर कुठाराघात! सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता टॉमी रोबिन्सन गिरफ्तार!!
In order to appease muslims, partly with a crooked “left” mindset and partly for the fear of violence and political loss that muslims can inflict upon UK polity and society, the police there has arrested a social activist, who was filming and streaming outside a court to show to people how muslim groups were being “grooming gangs” and spreading “Rape Jihad”, “Love Jihad” etc in United Kingdom. Almost all of such rapists of girls as young as 11 or 10 years’ old were pakistani muslims or muslims in general.

When the said social activist named “Tommy Robinson”, tried to make the society aware about this gruesome and alarming situation, where the dignity of women, the cultural fabric of a Nation is in danger because of islamic fundamentalism, the UK police acting on the tunes of their power-hungry political masters, arrested this gentleman and thus strangulated free speech. This way, the message of intimidation and threat of violence by UK government are announced to each and every honest nationalist and social worker. 
If the masses don’t rise up against this tyranny then the day won’t be very far, when the entire world would be succumbed by the darkness of islamic barbarism. I’d urge the readers of this writing to spread these words to as many as they can and try help this social activist to have his voice heard, which is his right as a human being living in a civilized society. This is the time to act.     
देवाशीष नारायण मिश्र Devashish Narayana Mishra

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