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Right and left दक्षिण एवं वाम पंथ (राजनैतिक परिप्रेक्ष्य में)
Right and left
        The myriad of colours, spread across the spectra of human society qualifies to be having the essential vagueness when one tries to classify its polity. By the precedence and conventions, broadly categorised as the “Right” and “Left” in the polity, provide us a virtue to simplify political thinking in an intrinsically complex human society.
        Though not my preference, with the conventions, I assign the “Left” denotation to those inclining or being ardent to communism and the “Right” being those believing in the supremacy of merit and with a sacred sense of self respect for their ancestors and thus their “Identities.”
        In childhood, we were told in case we want to lengthen our line compared to another, we must draw ours longer rather than to erase the other line shorter and this is the path of Dharma. On the contrary, according to communism, to achieve the same target, we can adopt the strategy of erasing off the other line if it helps us in reaching the goal of equality among all. I have a strong opposition to such an idea, which essentially disrespects the merit. The ideas of left render “religion and faith” as “opium”, and thus try to “impose” their “beliefs” on masses while denouncing and disrespecting the religions and faiths, which again for me is against the birth right of a human being that is to have freedom until they are not harming others.
It’s cursory to relegate the anxiety of the people residing in a political entity for centuries and who have created for themselves a Nation that they call Motherland/Fatherland, when they express opposition to large-scale immigration and rapid alteration in their social fabric. To brand such individuals and groups as “racial”, “bigots” and what not, is unjustified keeping in mind their genuine concerns specially when the immigrants are following a death cult and want to convert everyone into the followers of their cult.
        The communist paradigm thrives on exploiting human deficiencies such as their harboring of jealousy and hatred to others and blaming by them for one’s failures or shortcomings and then classifying this “elite” as the “oppressor” and creating divisive concepts like “class-struggle” and thus igniting passions of “revolution” and “revenge”. The youth usually can’t see thru it and gets mingled in this evil design so easily and deeply that they become impervious to any sane thought against this evil design. This way, the fault lines in the society, which are nothing but natural and must be tackled by Humankind by rectifying them through peaceful social reforms (as has been in the case India), are made to deepen to the worst and violent extents. These so called “red revolutionaries” never shy away from using violence against “others”, sawing the seeds of further divisions, clashes and political instability within a society. The ultimate goal of so called communism as described by its proto propellers has never been achieved anywhere and wherever it was tried to be achieved, either those places turned into ruins or had to change their path (be it with harsh force and human-rights’ violations, like in China). Had those goals as propagated by the proto “communists” got achieved, the society then would have been in an endless cycle of violence and horror because there would remain many, who despite merit and hard work would face constant oppression and resources would never be able to sustain such an injustice to a human society that is known for its colors and vivid facets. This way, the human world would become a monochromatic den of the Devil, named as “Communism”. And would start a rotting for the end of the vivacious Human civilization, its arts, crafts, knowledge, cultures and traditions, sports, science, music, belief-systems, spiritualism, holistic health! To be continued...      
देवाशीष नारायण मिश्र Devashish Narayana Mishra

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