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Trump’s USA- A country for White Christians ONLY! ट्रम्प का यू. एस. ए. केवल श्वेत ईसाइयों के लिए!
              On the name of cracking down on so called ‘illegal immigration’, USA and its racially prejudiced government is making sure that ONLY white Christians are welcome and others are thrown out. Babies, little girls, old and sick, all of such ‘illegal entrants’ are being kept in makeshift jails. Many are missing now, with the bigoted and stern line taken by USA government, their fate can reasonably be considered as fatal. For legal migration, people apart from white Christians, have to face ridiculously difficult rules, fulfilling which in practice is ‘legally’ impossible.

              Even the professionals, who because of their extra-ordinary skill-sets and USA’s requirement for them, thus getting entry, face racial discrimination and most of them have to ultimately convert to Christianity if they wish to have any growth in their career or in case they aspire to hold high ranking positions. The reason behind many moderates also drifting towards such a regime in 2016 presidential election seems to be the corrupt Democratic Party, who got infiltrated and deeply entrenched by muslim fanatics and ‘far leftists’. In the end, public left with no choice but to elect someone with a less than honest credentials.   
              The population density of USA is quite less as compared to many countries around the world. They have plenty of resources and the original inhabitants of the land are already eliminated or subverted by the white Christians. Then why others are not allowed to reap benefit of that land and resources, who wish to go there and lead life abiding by the law of the land governed by constitution? That land does not belong to white Christians only or to their colored stooges! The entire world must take acknowledgement of it and make sure that injustice in USA is stopped. Illegal immigration is never supported but on the name of it, they can’t be allowed to make a white Christian ONLY zone. Their public needs to intervene in making sure that legal immigration rules are practical and honestly crafted without taking any racial prejudice into account. USA ought to share its resources with the entire world, that is a land of new world and belongs to everyone on the planet, else hand it over back to the native Americans and let them formulate their own constitution and nation and others be kicked out as “illegal immigrants/occupiers!”   
देवाशीष नारायण मिश्र Devashish Narayana Mishra

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